Con v de vuelta, 2016
Shareholder certificate, photography, frame and showcase.
Shareholer: 21 x 27 cm / Showcase: 237 x 130 x 2015 cm.

This is an original shareholder document, signed in 1903 by the Gold Meza Mining Co. on behalf of Miguel Duarte shares on the capital stock. Miguel Duarte is the grandfather of my grandmother. This paper used to be in a box with things that no one was giving attention. Except for my grandmother that she kept the paper for years because she liked the drawings.

We don't know why, one day she decided to paste a photography of Graciela, (the youngest of her daughters) overlapping her photo over the space designated to the logotype of the company. With this, she created a new image, the one that looks like some sorth of institutional recognition given to my aunt.

I was surprised by what I consider a radical gesture, modify a legal document to construct a personal desire.

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