Hacia la intemperie, 2014

Installation to spend the night in the field
Wood and tree (palo verde)
Dimensions: 400 x 240 x 240 cm
Duration: 1 night

I remember the summer nights in Sonora, the heat that accumulated in the rooms during the day was so intense that it was better to take the beds out of the house and spend the night sleeping on the field. Before the desert conditions the daily life happens permeated with the outdoors. I liked how then the domestic structures become inoperable or inverted.

The highness is a way of protection and also amplify the exposure to the wilderness. With the tree and the wood as a material for the platform, I wanted to highlight the cycle of how we use materials that came from nature, to protect us from the same nature.

I build a wooden platform over a tree as an excuse for returning to this experience of the night in the fields, and I slept there the night of the 1st of october 2014.