Hacia la intemperie, 2014

Installation to spend the night in the field
Wood and tree (palo verde)
Dimensions: 400 x 240 x 240 cm
Duration: 1 night
installation in the Sonoran Desert field, by the mexican artist Alejandra Aviles

I remember the summer nights in Sonora, the heat was so intense that it was better to take the beds out of the house and spend the night sleeping in the field. I realised that when day-to-day actions (like sleeping) happen in the outdoors, the inside is outside, and there’s a sort of interior dimension forming in the space.

I made this installation as an excuse to return to this experience of the night. I slept there the 1st of October 2014. There are two images from this piece, the one you are seeing and the one I saw of the night sky.