Oscurana, 2015
Wooden bed, earth, glass jars, scorpio with offspring, snake, tarantula, cetipede.
Dimensions: 140 x 50 x 195 cm.

“We arrive from the mountains to the desert to flatten it by hand.
During the day there was no wind and during the night,
a darkness blacker than any other.
Then, we used to put cans with petroleum under each leg of the bed
to drown the vermin that try to climb them.
That’s why I like the smell of petroleum.”

Oscurana is a word used in the region of Sonora, located in Northwest Mexico, to describe the darckest point of the night. In a empty room stands a wooden bed supported by 4 glass jars on the legs, each containing a single poisonous vermin. The inverted jars are completly open, only the weight of the bed is preventing the animals from escaping.

For the layout of the space we use the concept of disassemble and we remove every item in the room, the closet, the curtains, the light switch, everything. To isolate the light, we bring also a polarization method of the region on the window of the room. In this sense Oscurana was unfolding materials and forms related to dwelling the desert.