Poem to a rattlesnake, 2017

Graphite powder and acrylate
Dimensions: 500 x 320 cm

This is a mural made with graphite on the wall. I use language and punctuation marks to make a poem, thinking in the concepts that interest me from rattlesnakes.

“FOR/KED, (slash)”. The forked unity of the tongue, divided from the beginning, there’s no origin, we always start from the middle.

“BLIND, (strikethrough)”. Blinded by it’s limited senses, they become pure instinct, living in a universe of warmness as indicator of their surroundings.

“LIMBLESS, (italica, italica)”. Less is more, a body without limbs, snakes evolved through the shedding of body parts, If you can’t hold your limbs, let them go.

“[SEGMENT], (brakets)”. Starting from a head and ending on a tale.

“TURNING, (gninrut)”. It doesn’t eliminate the line by forming and reforming, the line remains as the essence of it’s body, but transformed into an infinite series of soft shapes.

“R-A-T-T-L-E, (dash)”. A invasive rhythm loud and clear will warn you from it’s bite, only the stubborn don’t listen.

“DEADLY!, (exclamation)”. Mind the poison in nature.