Poem to a rattlesnake, 2017

Graphite powder and acrylate
Dimensions: 500 x 320 cm
graphite on wall, mural by alejandra aviles

“FOR/KED, (slash)”. It’s forked tongue, divided from the beginning, we always start from the middle

“BLIND, (strikethrough)”. Living in a universe of warmness an indicator of their surroundings

“LIMBLESS, (italica, italica)”. Less is more, If you can’t get hold of your limbs, let them go

“[SEGMENT], (brakets)”. Starting and ending tale

“TURNING, (gninrut)”. A grounded body turning into an infinite sequence of soft shapes

“R-A-T-T-L-E, (dash)”. A loud rhythm will always warn you from it’s bite, only the stubborn don’t listen

“DEADLY!, (exclamation)”. Mind the poison in nature.