Polarized refreshment, 2016

Glass wall, foil paper and Coca-Cola
Dimensions: 400 x 250 cm
In collaboration with Alex Chalmers

This is a way of polarizing the light from the rooms. I liked how the use of simple materials (coca cola and foil paper) resolve a concrete problem: searching shade as protection. The intervention works as a threshold and it’s a reflection of the extreme contrast between intense lightness of the outdoors and deep darkness of the interior of the houses in the desert.

We decided to polarize the glass wall of the lobby of the Kunstverein Rosa Luxemburg Platz. First we put a coca-cola drink in any spray container. Then we spray the drink on the glass, the stickiness of the coca-cola works as temporal glue. Then we will carefully slide a layer of kitchen foil paper until cover all the glass surface of the window. The most shiny side of the paper have to face the outside, and the opac side face the indoors.