Pueblo, 2017

Sand drawing and rattlesnake
Dimensions: drawing 100 x 100 cm / rattlesnake 130 cm
Action duration: 5 min

Erasing a logotype with a snake. This piece reenacts a moment from a 16 day ritual that used to be practiced by the Hopi, one of the “Pueblo” indians tribes. They used to erase a sand drawing with the movements of a snake. The drawing was a geometrical representation of 4 snakes emerging from the clouds as if they were the lightning of the storm. I decided to repeat the ritual, but replacing the original drawing with the logotype of the “Pueblo” pipe cigarettes, a brand of the transnational tobacco company Poschl Tabak. For their branding they adopted the geometric abstraction of the “Pueblo" Indians.

The pueblo used to use shapes like the zig-zag, to speak about forces that overcome us, like the dimension of the universe or the infinite movements of snakes. It took centuries to generate the geometric abstraction as an interpretation of the sorrounding world. I was interested in give continuity to a sequence of appropriations, in order to indicate the use of an identity consumed in our daily life.